Written in the annals

The beginnings of the distillery in Torun are swathed in mystery. As early as in the 1850s alcohol was manufactured on semi-industrial scale in Torun’s district of Mokre. Our plant was established by Jewish entrepreneurs Georg and Natan of the Hirschfelds. State-of-the-art, when compared with other distilleries at that time, the manufacture was launched in today’s Olbracht Street (ul. Olbrachta) in 1884, and that year is commonly acknowledged as its starting date. The alcohols manufactured there were famous not only in Europe, but they were also exported to Africa and Asia. They were distinguished with many awards at international exhibitions in Melbourne, Graz or in Koenigsberg. In 1890 the plant was acquired by Mr Wolf Sultan, Torun’s mogul in spirits industry, literature lover and good liquor enthusiast. Sultan continued the dynamic development of the distillery and in 1919 the plant was taken over by Mr Herman Winkelhausen of Gdansk, a merchant who had already owned an alcohol manufacture in Starogard Gdanski. In the course of alcohol industry nationalisation in 1925 Torun’s distillery became the property of the State Treasury and it has been operating under the name of ‘Polmos’ ever since. World War II did not cause any damage to the plant, and that is why the historical buildings are still here to be admired today – they exemplify a well-preserved 19th century industrial architecture.

After the war the production was re-launched and what became the characteristic feature of Torun’s distillery was high-quality alcohol used also in Polmos plants in other towns and cities.

The year 1995 saw modernisation of rectification devices and discontinuation of the use of coal on site, which made the plant environmentally-friendly. On the premises there are intakes of crystal clear ground water extracted from chalk layers settled at the depth of 220 metres.

In 2014, under the trade sign of ‘Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe’ [Torun’s Flavoured Vodkas], the distillery entered another development stage and the new name came onto the market with a series of exceptional products which are deeply rooted in our tradition and are recognised for their high quality and exquisite taste. We have experience of many generations acting for us and we take advantage of it to produce extra-ordinary alcohols. The distillery itself consists of a complex of historical, over hundred-year-old, buildings which are still used for production processes and constitute a living museum of the Polish alcohol industry.


Traditional taste since 1884...

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