Toruń’s Liqueurs – gift of nature stored in glass bottle

This is an absolutely special, new edition of products by Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe® – Toruń’s Liqueurs in four flavours of: cherry, chokeberry, black currant and red currant. They were made on the basis of the old, family-owned recipe of Dr Grzegorz Russak. Fruit is the key ingredient of our liqueurs… More

Gingerbread Liquor – Christmas Limited Edition

Specially for Christmas we have prepared for you a limited edition of Toruń’s Gingerbread Vodka in a vintage, corked, stoneware bottle. This warming-up Gingerbread Liquor tastes of home-made gingerbread cookies. Its rich taste of spices comes from a dozen of gingerbread-spice macerates. It will be a perfect table decoration and… More

Toruńska® – full range of flavours already on sale

Feel free to check the unique products by Toruńska®! At the moment our offer includes pure vodka and liquors with the flavours of: lemon, cranberry, quince, raspberry, gingerbread and horseradish. For their production we use only high-quality spirits, fruit macerates, herbs and spices – in other words: only natural flavour ingredients. More

Historical Vodkas – new line of select pure vodkas

Thorn, Hanza and Kreuzritter pure vodkas are perfect for history lovers and tourists. They are made to please the palate with a flavour of high-quality grain alcohols and to please the eye with tasteful graphics depicting events from the history of northern Poland. More

Toruńska® Quince Vodka with Gold Medal!

Toruńska® Quince Vodka was awarded with the gold medal in the category of flavoured vodkas in the Vodka Tasking 2015 competition organised by the editors of Rynki Alkoholowe [Alcohol Markets] – the most important magazine in the alcohol branch. Such high recognition of our liquor has reassured us that it is worth attending to the quality and source of natural ingredients. The competition was held on 22 May in Torun, where the magazine office is located. More

Traditional taste since 1884...

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