The Polish vodka is our national treasure which is held in great esteem by people around the world. Products from our distillery have already been appreciated by consumers in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. They can be tasted in such countries as: USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Japan and India.

We are keen to cooperate with oversees business partners whom we can offer both our products and private labels of foreign distributors.

Within the scope of export, we guarantee comprehensive services: starting with preparation of product marking suitable for a particular country; through preparation of the required phytosanitary documentation; finishing with arrangement of shipment and customs clearance handling. With us you will have door-to-door delivery.

The products are available in a wide array of bottles or other receptacles:

  • an ample choice of bottles of volume ranging from 200 ml to 1,750 ml,
  • barrels and pallet containers,
  • any other receptacles/vessels tailored to our Customers’ expectations.

Our products are the result of the 130-year tradition and experience. Their quality and uniqueness have been already positively verified by millions of people all over the world.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us at: export@torunskiewodki.pl

Find out more in the Product Catalogue.

Traditional taste since 1884...

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