Non-bottled spirits

Our offer also includes non-bottled spirits. We have been specialising in spirits production for over a century now. Thanks to the experience gained by several generations of workers and owing to good production equipment and the use of high-quality ingredients, our spirits stands out among the best of domestic and foreign products.

For its production we use only Polish distillates of agricultural origin, which we buy in distilleries checked and audited by ourselves. In our offer you will find a variety of high-quality spirits made of: rye, wheat, barley, corn and potatoes. Our experience and technological resources guarantee the product quality; an expanding circle of our Customers proves that details matter. This attention to intricacies is well-appreciated by a plethora of our contractors, among whom there are confectioners and food producers recognised all over Poland.

We sell non-bottled spirits and accept all kinds and shapes of receptacles/vessels tailored to the needs of our Customers.

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