Toruń’s Liqueurs – gift of nature stored in glass bottle

This is an absolutely special, new edition of products by Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe® – Toruń’s Liqueurs in four flavours of: cherry, chokeberry, black currant and red currant. They were made on the basis of the old, family-owned recipe of Dr Grzegorz Russak. Fruit is the key ingredient of our liqueurs – it must be sweet, ripe and top-quality. Placed in oaken vats, it is covered with alcohol and stored like that for several months until the alcohol acquires the fruit aroma and taste as well as the refined flavour of oaken wood. After removing the fruit from the alcohol bath, we do our best to extract all its values; following the rules of the art of liqueur-making, we cover the fruit with a layer of sugar and wait again until the alcohol-soaked fruit produces juice. Finally, we thoroughly press all the fruit so as not to waste any drop of the precious juice. All combined together makes a perfect product.

Toruń’s Liqueurs are natural beverages with refined and inimitable tastes, as every year fruit is different, even if it comes from the same tree or bush. This is exactly what nature is about…

More information on traditional Polish liqueurs can be learnt from Dr Grzegorz Russak:

Liqueurs were produced in palaces, manor houses and cottages for ages. It was a real craftsmanship to capture the colours, flavours and aromas of nature in a glass bottle. The traditional Polish cuisine would have been incomplete without liqueurs, which had a well-established position across the whole I Republic of Poland – a multi-national state. Every single house used to have its own liqueur-making secrets kept in high confidentiality; thus, each liqueur was one of a kind. Our forefathers usually drank liqueurs with 25-28% alcohol content. Such beverages were also enjoyed by damsels and dames.

Traditional taste since 1884...

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