Concession offer

with tradition

The range of brands and products, which we are proud to present, is constantly developing. The current portfolio of Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe includes high-quality pure vodkas, flavored vodkas, quality spirits, as well as grain spirits. We offer our concession customers all products from the portfolio of Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe – from our flagship product Wódka Toruńska, through craft spirits (Polish Slivovitz, Wódka Jednorodna), to spirits from the premium shelf (1233, Retman).

Most of our beverages are available in original unique packaging that emphasizes the value of the product and is an ideal gift option.

The final quality of our products and the benefits we offer to our customers consist of many elements. From a selected list of suppliers, through the production process, to packaging design – every detail matters to us and creates a market advantage for Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe.


Katalog Produktów - producent alkoholi Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe