Export offer

all over the world

Polish vodka is our national good that is appreciated by people around the world. Our products are already appreciated by consumers from Europe, South America and Asia. Currently, our beverages are available in such countries as China, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and France.

We are open to cooperation with foreign business partners, to whom we can offer the sale of our products, as well as private brands (“private labels”) owned by a foreign distributor.

We provide comprehensive export services: from preparing product labels for a particular country, preparing the necessary phytosanitary documentation to the organization of transport and customs procedures. We deliver the selected goods literally to the provided address.

We have a wide range of formats for the products we sell:

large selection of bottles in capacities from 200 ml to 1000 ml,
alcohol in barrels and in pallet-boxes, other solutions are possible according to customer expectations.
We look forward to working with you: export@torunskiewodki.pl

Royal Hussar
Alpine Spirit